Best 10 inch car subwoofer to buy in 2017-Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Do you feel deadly bored while riding the freeways?  If yes! Then surely you need to add some spice to your traveling plans that can make your ride amazingly awesome. The recipe to add spices to your ride is to have music in your car with an awesome sound quality and great bass.

Travelling, drifting or riding without a music in your vehicle is just like a super boring idea and having a great sound quality music is the lifeblood of having fun driving along the roads. If you are facing such bore roads in your vehicle so don’t worry as you are at right place to need what you want. Yes! We are here to enlighten you with a great review about subwoofers that will help you to have the best sound quality audio to your vehicle.

Before going on with a review let’s have a short look over some tiny but very important information to keep in mind.

What is a subwoofer?

A subwoofer is a complete speaker which is used to reproduce low pitched audio frequencies that we know as bass. Subwoofers use the typical frequency range from 20-200 Hz for consumer products, they are intended to amplify the low range frequency of a loudspeaker covering high-frequency brands.

They are mounted in a loudspeaker enclosure and are made up of one or more woofers.  They are used in home audio, car audio, cinema sound, rock concerts and DJ performances etc. now let’s talk about car subwoofers.

Car subwoofers and its importance

If you want to achieve an excellent car audio experience on your road trips so you better get some good quality car subwoofers. It doesn’t require any specific vehicle type, you can easily install subwoofers in your car, jeep, van, bus or any type of vehicle you are riding and can feel like you are in the live concert along the way.

Car subwoofers are in different diameters starting from 8 inches to 15 inches, smaller the woofer the faster and punchier the music it will produce. The bigger the size of a subwoofer, the lower will be the frequency range. The most popular sizes amongst car audio are the 10-inch subwoofer and 12-inch subwoofers because they don’t require much power as compared to the 15-inch subwoofers and it can easily reach the 20 Hz basement of human hearing. In this review, you will come to know about best 10-inch subwoofers as it is the most convenient and ideal for your car or vehicle.

How to choose a best car subwoofer

Before selecting a subwoofer for your ride scroll down for the following important considerations that will serve as a guide for a wise purchase

  • Audio quality
  • Design of the speaker
  • Features
  • Price
  • Material quality
  • EnclosureSpecificationn
  • Performance
  • Power handling (sensitivity and RMS)
  • Help and support standards from the provider

The most important amongst the above is the enclosure specifications. You should know about the correct enclosure details of your car. There are 3 kind of enclosure design with their respective benefits.

Sealed enclosure

  • Sealed boxes give you a tight accurate low-end bass with zero distortion

Ported enclosure

  • The port or air vent boxes improves efficiency
  • Perfect for punchy high low-end audio for heavy sound lovers

Bandpass enclosure

  • Bandpass boxes are best for big time bass output

As we are done with all necessary information, you are now ready to make a purchase for your car. After making an extensive research and market study of different brands along with respective features, we have made a review about the best 10-inch car subwoofer for your convenience. Now the only thing you need to do is just to sit down, relax and to go through with the review in which you will find top 5 products along with their respective features, pros and cons.

So, let’s start the journey to find exactly what you are looking for over the internet.

Kicker 10C104 Comp 10-Inch Subwoofer

Do you want a best subwoofer under $100? If yes! Then go for the 10-inch kicker subs, it is one of the best rated car subwoofer at a very reasonable price. It provides world’s best value bass under $100. Kicker is known to be one of the best seller for audio sound woofers.

best 10 inch subwoofers


  • It is well known for producing a thunderous bass for the buck. It has an awesome injection molded cone along with 360-degree back clenching. Well equipped with ventilated pole piece for heat dissipation and have a high temperature coil wire.

  • In the KICKER’s round subwoofer lineup, it produces the best balance amongst the high value and high performance. As compared to the elite KICKER woofers, it has been loaded with multiple innovations including the 360-degree back bracing, the stiffest injection molded cone in addition to stretch killing.

  • It has been designed with the metallic thread (tinsel-lead) technology to provide ultimate durability. The surrounding is made up of tough, yellow dual stitching for long-lasting use. You can easily use it in your car for long routes.



  • It is one of the versatile comps, performing in a sealed enclosure
  • Produces best sound quality and bass
  • The comp can be factory upgrade
  • Very easy to use
  • Well equipped with an efficient steel basket
  • Stylish design with a quality sound
  • Best seller rank
  • Fast shipping from the provider
  • Lower sensitivity

Rockford Fosgate P3D4 Punch 10-Inch Subwoofer

best 10 inch subwoofers

Rockford is known to be the standard setter for their excellence in the audio market. Rockford manufactures audio systems for the mobile audio market and OEM market. They are manufacturing their products under four brands, namely:

  • Rockford Fosgate
  • Rockford Acoustic Design
  • Rockford Lightning Audio
  • com

Rockford Fosgate Punch series subs

best 10 inch subwoofers

The punch series is one of the leading in subwoofers to deliver high, thunderous bass to their customers. Introducing the innovative cone with a parabolic shape, gigantic surrounds and big motor assemblies that have shown the world that great bass and power handling performance need not cost a fortune.


  • Featuring 2.50-inch copper clad aluminum voice coil
  • It has a Vast Vertical Attached Surround the amplified Cone area
  • Flex Fit basket adjustable design
  • Equipped with Anodized aluminum cone
  • With 500 RMS and 1000 W highest power rating
  • Dual 4 ohms 10-inch subwoofer with maximum 1000 watts power handling
  • Heat sink that keeps subwoofers cool
  • Stitched Tinsel lead wire technique to reduce mass and spread stress over large area
  • Protective PVC quality magnet cover
  • For a better grip, over mold soft touch rubber
  • All new hybrid stamp cast basket for ultra-strength




  • Super quality world leading Punch series
  • U​​​​nique spider emitting to protect the motor from heating
  • Monster 1000 Watts of highest power handling
  • VAST technology for 25% greater surface cone area
  • Super strength along with minimizing weight and resonance
  • According to the CEA-2031 industry standards
  • S​​​​ervice parts warranty
  • Highly rated by customers
  • G​​​​ood sub for the price
  • One-year limited warranty
  • A bit tweaking may require at certain low frequencies

Rockford Fosgate Prime R1L-2X10 Double R1 10-Inch subwoofer with Enclosure

best 10 inch subwoofers

Another outstanding product by the bestseller leading manufacturer in the audio industry. This time the Rockford Fosgate is offering a prime woofer along with the Enclosure. Now the stress to buy a subwoofer that could either fit your enclosure box or not is more a stress because Rockford understands your problems and we care for solutions that’s why we are here for the helpful review.
Rockford dual 10-inch subwoofer gives you the best quality sound while you are roaming around the long routes in your car, jeep, truck etc. let’s have a look at the features of both the subwoofer and the enclosure.

Rockford Fosgate Prime Series Enclosures

Rockford is providing enclosures with great bass performance. Built with heavy duty 5/8 medium density fiberboard. Sealed enclosure stuffed with two 10-inch R1S410 subwoofers. They are made strong and durable with an expected bass reproduction, provide accuracy and full of impact. Rockford Fosgate enclosure has been stitched with unique Diamond R technique which made it looks as good as it sounds.


  • Designed parabolically polypropylene cone
  • Up to 600 watts maximum power handling with 300 RMS
  • Styled optimally for sealed enclosure
  • High quality audio sound bass
  • They play louder and run longer
  • Dual 4-ohms internally wired
  • Comp terminals: up to 12AWG
  • Pros


    • 30 years of Rockford Fosgate outstanding experience in audio industry
    • Known to be a leader
    • Famous for raising a bar for their competitors
    • Reliable and durable 10-inch subwoofer with sealed enclosure
    • Super quality audio sound for your vehicle
    • Free shipping along with 1-year warranty on parts and labor
    • Positive customer feedback
    • As compared to its predecessor punch it is satisfactory according to some customers

    Alpine SWS10D4 Type-S 10 Car Subwoofer

    best 10 inch subwoofers

    Here we came with an another out-class performing product by Alpine. If you need an economic product with quality sound bass so you can consider Alpine Type-S car subwoofers. Alpine is just doing great in providing best quality audio equipment’s for all music lovers so that they do not feel boring on long roads.
    They are producing best quality audio subs type-S, SWS-10D4. Their peak power ranges from 1500 watts while the output of RMS is from 500 watts, providing more bass in less space. Alpine has established an original airflow management system for the cooling process.

    best 10 inch subwoofers


    ● They are built as type-R
    ● Are made up of best grade strontium ferrite Magnets
    ● Having concealed box Gasket system
    ● Have the 8 AWG Push terminals
    ● Frequency response rate is from 28-200 Hz
    ● Sensitivity rate up to 86db
    ● It has a massive voice coil
    ● 4 ohms dual voice coils



    • Amazing sound produced with great bass
    • Very reasonable at this price
    • Build quality by Alpine is beyond perfect
    • Accuracy and tight punchy bass
    • Built in rubber edge protector
    • Upgraded to the previous R
    • Sound quality may be affected if the voice coil went out

    Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer

    best 10 inch subwoofers

    Polk is No.1 best seller in home audio subwoofers on Amazon. Polk audio PSW10 is a single 10-inch subwoofer with a built-in high current amplifier to give you big bass. If you are still confused about what to choose for your car audio so you can consider this item as well, without any zero doubt.
    Interesting thing about this subwoofer is that it is not in pair it is a single subwoofer giving the audio of same quality as dual 10-inch subwoofer. Let’s have a look over the features of Polk Audio power sub.


    • It is a single 10-inch sub with stylish black color properly equipped with one polymer composite active balance cone driver. For better performance and improvement, it is loaded with Laser based Klippel measurement technology that results in linear, deep and accurate sound.

    • The measurements are 14 by 14.38 by 16.12 inches (the measurements are taken as (W*H*D). You can play extremely high-level volume on the Polk audio loudspeakers and subwoofer.
      One important thing about the Polk audio subwoofer is embedded in an enclosure, so that means you don’t need to have an enclosure box to fit the subwoofer in your car. It can be used separately and that’s the plus point of having Polk audio subwoofer.

    • PSW 10 enclosures are deigned in such a way that it gives you a perfect volume along with some other benefits as well eliminate internal standing waves through internal bracing, minutely tuned for distortion and reduces resonance..

    • The dynamic resonance free balance material makes the PSW durable, stiffed and move fast. It makes you experience a deep low musical frequencies and superior system blending. It is easily accessible and allow you an easy connection to any system, with its professional grade line it gives you the best speaker level inputs and output.

    • It has been engineered very smartly that it knows when to turn on and off by itself, it is due to the smart sensing circuitry. You can professionally control your bass output and the blending of subwoofer with your front stage speaker.

    • Its stylish and unique design keeps the subwoofer safe and stable at even very drastic volume level. You can check for the further specifications by visiting Amazon.



    • Polk audio PSW can fills the bottom end of your home audio theatre system. It can let your main speakers to play the Mids. and highs and leave the bass to itself.
    • Maximum bass impact.
    • Engineered with best quality material and smart techniques
    • Testes and verified by industry wise standards
    • Have been passed through most exhaustive quality tests
    • Manufactured for lifetime performance
    • Use standard US voltage / 120 volts
    • Great quality with an affordable price
    • The plastic studs on front screen looks fragile
    • Sometimes the response may be muddy

    Some safety instructions for your sound system

    Your sound system is your sizable investment whether it is in the form of car subwoofers, speakers or any home sound theatre. Their useful life depends to a high degree on how good you take care of your sound equipment. If you take a good care of it so you will get repaid with the lifetime years of service. There are some tips that could be helpful to your sound system and you will never get down.
    Whether you use the sound system or not but believe me it is very vulnerable. The biggest enemy to your sound system’s needle, motor cords etc. are the negligence, dampness, and helpers.
    Always keep your sound system in a dry place when not in use, high humidity and damp surroundings can cause corrosion. If you are planning to store your sound system for a long time, make sure the place is dry and free of moisture. You can use a film of protective materials like WD 40 over the plugs and sockets.
    Extreme heat can also cause a damage to your sound system same is the case with extreme cold as well. Mostly we are asked for recommendations about the type of spare parts we can have, so always keep a spare needle if you are using records. You can keep a spare set of plugs and sockets for your speaker cords but always put a film of oil on them for the safety as if you don’t put oil film it will get oxidize more rapidly than the one which is in use.
    A wise and good idea will be to have a spare speaker cord, patch cords or a power cord that will work as good insurance policy for your sound equipment if one goes bad or left behind. If you are driving the same car so you can keep them in a separate box for your convenience.


    Some important things for your speaker

    Speakers should never be handled roughly or dropped, never stored your speakers in a damp place. Main problems from speaker arise from its cords and connectors. If you didn’t use the speaker properly so it can cause misalignment of the voice known as “dragging cone”.

    For plugs, cords, and sockets

    You need to give an extra attention to the plugs and sockets along with the cords of your sound system as they are the most affected parts of your sound system. You need to pay numerous check-ups and additional care in handling and stuffing to prevent it from being damaged and for long useful life.
    Plugs and sockets may become corroded from moisture in the air especially in a humid climate. If you found out the plugs on speaker cord become tighter so the main cause for this is corrosion. A good way to prevent sockets and plugs from corrosion is to clean them with the WD-40 oil film which is easily available at every hardware software.
    As I mentioned earlier, always keep a spare set of sockets, plugs, and cords and do not keep them in moist places. If you properly take care of your sound system, believe me, it will never get damaged and will serve you for years.
    So now we have reached the end of this article and I hope that now you have all the important information about what you were looking for over the internet. I hope you have liked the review and may found it useful and handy. Stay safe!


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